Designated Wilderness and other Wild Areas in Nevada




Alta Toquima Wilderness
Arc Dome Wilderness
Arrow Canyon Wilderness
Bald Mountain Wilderness
Becky Peak Wilderness
Big Rocks Wilderness
Black Canyon Wilderness
Black Rock Desert Wilderness
Boundary Peak Wilderness
Bridge Canyon Wilderness
Bristlecone Wilderness
Cain Mountain Wilderness
Calico Mountains Wilderness
Clan Alpine Mountains Wilderness
Clover Mountains Wilderness
Currant Mountain Wilderness
Death Valley Wilderness (Nevada)
Delamar Mountains Wilderness
Desatoya Mountains Wilderness
East Fork High Rock Canyon Wilderness
East Humboldt Wilderness
Eldorado Wilderness
Far South Egans Wilderness
Fortification Range Wilderness
Gates of the Grand Canyon
Goshute Canyon Wilderness
Government Peak Wilderness
Grant Range Wilderness
High Rock Canyon Wilderness
High Rock Lake Wilderness
High Schells Wilderness
Highland Ridge Wilderness
Ireteba Peaks Wilderness
Jarbidge Wilderness
Jimbilnan Wilderness
Jumbo Springs Wilderness
La Madre Mountain Wilderness
Lime Canyon Wilderness
Little High Rock Canyon Wilderness
Meadow Valley Range Wilderness
Mormon Mountains Wilderness
Mount Charleston Wilderness
Mount Grafton Wilderness
Mount Irish Wilderness
Mount Moriah Wilderness
Mount Rose Wilderness
Muddy Mountains Wilderness
Nellis Wash Wilderness
North Black Rock Range Wilderness
North Jackson Mountains Wilderness
North McCullough Wilderness
Pahute Peak Wilderness
Parsnip Peak Wilderness
Pine Forest Range Wilderness
Pinto Valley Wilderness
Quinn Canyon Wilderness
Rainbow Mountain Wilderness
Red Mountain Wilderness
Ruby Mountains Wilderness
Santa Rosa-Paradise Peak Wilderness
Shellback Wilderness
South Egan Range Wilderness
South Jackson Mountains Wilderness
South McCullough Wilderness
South Pahroc Range Wilderness
Spirit Mountain Wilderness
Table Mountain Wilderness
Toiyabe Crest Proposed Wilderness

Tunnel Spring Wilderness
Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness
Weepah Spring Wilderness
White Pine Range Wilderness
White Rock Range Wilderness
Worthington Mountains Wilderness
Wovoka Wilderness

Antelope Range Wilderness Study Area
Bad Lands Wilderness Study Area
Blue Eagle Wilderness Study Area
Bluebell Wilderness Study Area

Boundary Peak Wilderness Additions
Buffalo Hills Wilderness Study Area
Burbank Canyons Wilderness Study Area
Cedar Ridge Wilderness Study Area
China Mountain Wilderness Study Area
Disaster Peak Wilderness Study Area
Dry Valley Rim Wilderness Study Area
Fandango Wilderness Study Area
Five Springs Wilderness Study Area
Fox Range Wilderness Study Area
Gabbs Valley Range Wilderness Study Area
Goshute Peak Wilderness Study Area
Grapevine Mountains Wilderness Study Area
Job Peak Wilderness Study Area
Kawich Wilderness Study Area
Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Instant Study Area
Little Humboldt River Wilderness Study Area
Massacre Rim Wilderness Study Area
Million Hills Wilderness Study Area
Morey Peak Wilderness Study Area
Mount Limbo Wilderness Study Area
Mount Stirling Wilderness Study Area
Mountain Meadow Instant Study Area
North Fork of the Little Humboldt River Wilderness Study Area
Owyhee Canyon Wilderness Study Area
Palisade Mesa Wilderness Study Area
Park Range Wilderness Study Area
Pigeon Springs Wilderness Study Area
Pinyon Joshua Instant Study Area
Pole Creek Wilderness Study Area
Poodle Mountain Wilderness Study Area
Pueblo Mountains Wilderness Study Area
Queer Mountain Wilderness Study Area
Rawhide Mountain Wilderness Study Area
Red Spring Wilderness Study Area
Resting Springs Wilderness Study Area
Riordan`s Well Wilderness Study Area
Roberts Mountain Wilderness Study Area
Rough Hills Wilderness Study Area
Selenite Mountains Wilderness Study Area
Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge Wilderness Study Areas
Sheldon Contiguous Wilderness Study Area
Silver Peak Wilderness Study Area & Additions
Simpson Park Wilderness Study Area
Skedaddle Wilderness Study Area
South Fork Owyhee River Wilderness Study Area
South Pequop Wilderness Study Area
South Reveille Wilderness Study Area
Stillwater Range Wilderness Study Area
Sunrise Mountain Instant Study Area
The Wall Wilderness Study Area
Tobin Range Wilderness Study Area
Twin Peaks Wilderness Study Area
Virgin Peak Instant Study Area
Wall Canyon Wilderness Study Area

Agai Pai Hills
Alta Toquima Additions Roadless Areas
Angel Peak North Roadless Area
Arc Dome Additions Roadless Areas
Bald Mountain Roadless Area
Billy Goat Peak Proposed Wilderness
Bitter Ridge North Proposed Wilderness
Bitter Ridge South Proposed Wilderness
Black Ridge Proposed Wilderness
Black Rock/Wall Adjacent
Bluewing Mountains
Buffington Pockets
Bunker Hill Roadless Area
Burro Mountain
Buttermilk Roadless Area
Castle Rock
Cedar Mountain
Cedars North
Cedars South
Cirac Valley
Confusion Hills
Chinese Camp Roadless Area
Chukar Ridge
Clayton Ridge
Copper Mountain Roadless Area
Death Valley Additions
Desert Hills-Pahranagat Proposed Wilderness
Devil's Gate
Eagle Butte
Eagle Butte West
East Humboldt Additions Roadless Area
East Sister Roadless Area
Elk Mountain Roadless Area
Elephant Head
Emigrant Peak
Excelsior Range Roadless Area
Faulkner Roadless Area
Finger Rock
Fossil Elbow
Four Mile Roadless Area
Gandolfo Canyon
Gass Peak
George's Canyon Roadless Area
Goblin Knobs
Granite Banjo Proposed Wilderness
Granite Peak
Heart Hills
Highland Range
Horse Heaven Roadless Area
Huntoon Springs Roadless Area
Indian Hills Roadless Area
Iron Spring Roadless Area
Jarbidge Additions Roadless Area
Jobs Peak Roadless Area
Job South
Lone Mountain
Long Valley Roadless Area
Lovell Summit South Proposed Wilderness
Lyon Peak
Magruder Mountain
Masket Peak Roadless Area
McAfee Roadless Area
Monte Cristo North and South
Mount Ardivey Roadless Area
Mount Etna Roadless Area
Mount Moses
Mount Rose Additions Roadless Area
Mountain Lion Springs
North Antelope I, II, III, IV
North Pancake II
North Pancake III
North Sahwave Mountains
North Shoshone Peak Roadless Area
Pactolus Hills
Paradise Peak Roadless Area
Pearl Peak Roadless Area
Pearl Peak South Roadless Area
Pennsylvania Hill Roadless Area
Petersen Mountain
Pintwater Range
Red Rock
Rhyolite Ridge
Rock Canyon Roadless Area
Rocky Point
Ruby Mountains Additions Roadless Area
Santa Rosa - Paradise Peak Additions Roadless Area
Sarcobatus North, South, and East
Sheep Mountain
Sheep Range
Silver Peak Contiguous
South Brock Roadless Area
South Fork Quinn Roadless Area
South Pancake
South Shoshone Peak Roadless Area
Spanish Peak Roadless Area
Spanish Peak South Roadless Area
Spotted Range
St Thomas Gap
Stillwater Additions
Stone Cabin Hills
Sugar Peak
Sulphur Springs
Table Mountain Additions Roadless Area
Temple Mesa Proposed Wilderness
Tobin Crest
Toiyabe Crest Roadless Area
Tramp Ridge Proposed Wilderness
Tule Peak
Uncle Sam
Virgin Mountain Additions
Volcanic Hills
Wall Canyon Additions
Wall Contiguous
Warm Springs
Wellington Hills Roadless Area
White Rock Mountain Roadless Area
White Wolf
Wildcat Peak Roadless Area
Willow Creek Springs