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NOTE: The above Wilderness Map is Under Construction- Many of the map links lead to a template file, which describes "Jarbidge." If the area link you are looking for in the map above takes you to an UNDER CONSTRUCTION site- please look up the area in the list below and that link will take you to the older, correct link for that area.

Below is a list of all of Nevada’s Congressionally designated Wilderness. Click on an area to learn more about these special places, or explore using the interactive map above.


Know Before You Go!


Alta Toquima Wilderness

Arc Dome Wilderness

Arrow Canyon Wilderness

Bald Mountain Wilderness

Becky Peak Wilderness

Big Rocks Wilderness

Black Canyon Wilderness

Black Rock Desert Wilderness

Boundary Peak Wilderness

Bridge Canyon Wilderness

Bristlecone Wilderness

Calico Mountains Wilderness

Clover Mountains Wilderness

Currant Mountain Wilderness

Death Valley Wilderness (Nevada)

Delamar Mountains Wilderness

East Fork High Rock Canyon Wilderness

East Humboldt Wilderness

Eldorado Wilderness

Far South Egans Wilderness

Fortification Range Wilderness

Gates of the Grand Canyon

Goshute Canyon Wilderness

Government Peak Wilderness

Grant Range Wilderness

High Rock Canyon Wilderness

High Rock Lake Wilderness

High Schells Wilderness

Highland Ridge Wilderness

Ireteba Peaks Wilderness

Jarbidge Wilderness

Jimbilnan Wilderness

Jumbo Springs Wilderness

La Madre Mountain Wilderness

Lime Canyon Wilderness

Little High Rock Canyon Wilderness

Meadow Valley Range Wilderness

Mormon Mountains Wilderness

Mount Charleston Wilderness

Mount Grafton Wilderness

Mount Irish Wilderness

Mount Moriah Wilderness

Mount Rose Wilderness

Muddy Mountains Wilderness

Nellis Wash Wilderness

North Black Rock Range Wilderness

North Jackson Mountains Wilderness

North McCullough Wilderness

Pahute Peak Wilderness

Parsnip Peak Wilderness

Pine Forest Range Wilderness

Pinto Valley Wilderness

Quinn Canyon Wilderness

Rainbow Mountain Wilderness

Red Mountain Wilderness

Ruby Mountains Wilderness

Santa Rosa-Paradise Peak Wilderness

Shellback Wilderness

South Egan Range Wilderness

South Jackson Mountains Wilderness

South McCullough Wilderness

South Pahroc Range Wilderness

Spirit Mountain Wilderness

Table Mountain Wilderness

Toiyabe Crest Proposed Wilderness

Tunnel Spring Wilderness

Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness

Weepah Spring Wilderness

White Pine Range Wilderness

White Rock Range Wilderness

Worthington Mountains Wilderness

Wovoka Wilderness