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Nevada's greatest treasure is her American Public Land. About 84% of Nevada Public Lands are managed for a variety of use. Most of them are open to provide access for citizens and visitors, provided use guidelines are followed.


Getting There
Getting to the most remote and wildest parts of Nevada will require traveling unpaved roads. Many of these unpaved roads are passible to medium clearance vehicles and SUVs. Many more of these unpaved roads will require high clearance vehicles, 4-wheel drive, and/or backcountry driving experience. The most daunting part of exploring Nevada and finding Nevada's Hidden Wilderness Treasures is not knowing how to navigate beyond the pavement, beyond road signs, and outside of the saftey-net of celluar coverage and reliable GPS navigation. These pages provide you with the tools to start exploring Nevada's American Public Lands.

Fences and Gates
Livestock grazing is one of the uses of public lands. Barbed wire fences divide grazing allotments. These fences keep cattle in their respective allotments. If you encounter one of these fencelines while hiking in the backcountry, you may climb over it or crawl under it... unless it is marked “Private property” and/or “No Trespassing.” Often where these fencelines intersect dirt roads, there will be a cattle guard in the road surface. Sometimes, however, there is a simple gate, constructed of wooden support posts and barbed wire and secured closed by a couple of loops of wire. Unless these gates are locked or marked “Private property” and/or “No Trespassing,” these gates can be opened, crossed, and closed behind you. In general, if you encounter a closed gate, close it behind you. If the gate is open, leave it open. Please respect all private property you encounter while exploring Nevada’s public lands. Respecting private property, tribal lands, and public lands will assure access to Nevada's greatest treasure for future generations.


Relying on GPS Navigation Off-Highway in Nevada can be Extrememly Dangerous
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