Current Protection

Designated Wilderness

Management Agency

U.S. Forest Service

Year Protected


Total Area

48,987 Acres

Wovoka Wilderness was designated in December of 2014 with the passage of National Defense Authorization Act. This act protected 49,000 acres of this area as Wilderness with an additional 23,000 acres protected from the ecological destructive practices of mining and leasing. Friends of Nevada Wilderness played a critical role in coordinating the local support, tribal support, and community negotiations that resulted in the designation of this unique Wilderness (learn more about the conservation history of Wovoka Wilderness in the Additional Resources Tab).

Wovoka Wilderness encompasses the southern portion of the Pine Grove Hills in western Nevada, south of Wellington and north of Bridgeport, California, east of Highway 338. This area comprises approximately 13 miles of roadless East Walker River. It is also home to a diversity of landscapes and experiences, from world-class flyfishing to rugged, multi-colored canyons, pinyon-juniper forests, seasonal lakes, critical habitat for the bi-state sage-grouse, rich archeological resources and astonishing views of the Sweetwater Mountains and Mount Grant.

This area is the traditional home of the Washoe and Northern Paiute who have been living on and with these lands over 400 generations. The Wilderness is named in honor of Wovoka, the Paiute spiritual leader and father of the Ghost Dance, who prophesized a message of hope to Native Americans in the 1880s. Born in the region, Wovoka worked and found inspiration in these hills. (Learn more about Wovoka in the Additional Resources Tab.)

Friends of Nevada Wilderness is commitment to stewardship of Wovoka Wilderness including working with the USFS and partner organizations to assure that area is regularly monitored for wilderness character and dark sky qualities, is properly signed, ecological impacts are rehabilitated, and vehicular incursions into wilderness are quickly closed and damage is restored.

Agency Information

Managing Agency: U.S. Forest Service

Local District: Bridgeport Ranger District

Address: HC 62 Box 1000 Bridgeport, CA 93517

Phone: (760) 932-7070