Current Status

Land with Wilderness Characteristics 

Management Agency

Bureau of Land Management

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Total Area

38,341 Acres  

While conservationists have worked for decades to permanently protect this popular gem just outside of Reno, protection has not yet happened. But rest assured, we are still trying! 

The Tule Peak area affords an outstanding diversity of natural habitats.  The western edge of the area rises gently from the edge of the Winnemucca Valley in broad, rolling foothills supporting scattered stands of juniper within plains of native Great Basin sagebrush and grass communities. Suddenly these rolling hills terminate in rugged, steep canyons and walls climbing over 3000 feet up to the top of the Virginia Range.  Springs and short stretches of perennial streams lie hidden back in the craggy canyons.  The cliff faces on the western side provide excellent nesting habitat for raptors.  The 8700-foot elevations of the knife-like Tule Ridge form highest point in the area culminating in Tule Peak itself.  These highest elevations provide extensive grasslands and dwarf sagebrush communities to support upland birds and summer habitat for mule deer. The southern portion of the area features colorful rhyolite rock layers and fantastic geological formations.




The eastern boundary of the Tule Peak is contiguous with the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. Tule Peak itself is an integral part of the Paiute people’s traditional lifeways, providing an area of deep cultural significance as well as important resources for hunting and gathering. Tule Peak provides important watershed for the reservation and for the community of Sutcliff. 


Friends of Nevada Wilderness continues to work with other conservation interests, local governments and the BLM to assure that Tule Peak and its important natural resources are protected and respected. (For more information see Conservation History of Tule Peak under the Additional Resources Tab  on the left of this page.)


Agency Information

Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management 

Local District: Carson City Field Office

Address: 5665 Morgan Hill Rd. Carson City, NV 89701

Phone:(775) 885-6000