Pole Creek Wilderness Study Area

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Wilderness Study Area
Year Designated:

Act or Law:
Acres: 12969
State Region: Northwest Nevada
County Regions: Washoe   


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management
Local District: Winnemucca Field Office
Contact Info: (775) 623-1500
5100 East Winnemucca Boulevard  Winnemucca, NV89445
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Area Description

The Pole Creek Wilderness Study Area lies along part of the west face of the Fox Range. The Smoke Creek Desert lies to the west. Elevations range from 3,870 to 7,608 at the summit of Pah Rum Peak. Roughly triangular in shape, the WSA measures about 6 miles on a side. Two distinct landforms lie within the WSA: part of the Fox Range and the fringing desert piedmont. The Fox Range is a highly dissected, rugged landform of steep canyons and prominent ridges.

The fringing desert piedmont is the transition zone between the Smoke Creek Desert to the west and the Fox Mountain Range. It is an alluvial landscape with gentle slopes and shallow, parallel washes and small wave-cut, terraced hills to the south.

This area provides opportunity for hiking, camping, hunting and rock climbing.