Agai Pah Hills

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Wilderness Area Status

BLM-inventoried Land with Wilderness Character in the Carson City District Resource Management Plan.

Year Designated: 

Act or Law: 
Acres: 27,232
State Region: West Central Nevada
County Regions: Mineral


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management
Local District: Carson City Field Office
Contact Info: (775) 885-6000
5665 Morgan Hill Rd. Carson City, NV 89701
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Area Description

The center of the area is dominated by large flats, while both the east and west contain expansive hills and deep canyons.  Volcanic tuff and ash deposits, mostly of a rhyolitic composition, are exposed throughout the LWC and create vibrant splashes of color.  In the western canyons and around Eagle Wash, the Agai Pah hills rise tall with spectacular cliffs and reddish orange rock.  Numerous bubbles, caves, and other small shelters create twisted shapes and formations.  Ghost Dance Ridge also runs north/south in this area and rises high above the surrounding landscape.  These hills are both interesting and magnificent, providing many opportunities for exploration and recreation. 

The hills in the eastern portion of this area span a much larger expanse and are open and airy.  Several buttes rise up and punctuate the skyline, guarded by miles of sweeping terrain and flats.  These hills are taller than their western counterparts, and provide a dramatic wall to the north.  Here they fall gracefully into the Gabbs Valley.  Occasional pockets of color, once again caused by volcanic ash deposits, dot the landscape with yellows, purples, and reds.  Elsewhere in this LWC, arid country is cut by numerous washes and dominated by alluvial fans.  The barren desert provides habitat for those unique forms of life tough enough to survive the extreme climate. 

Saltbush, the occasional hearty sage, and sparse greasewood can be found throughout the region.  Jackrabbits, other small rodents, and reptiles can be found throughout the area.  Birds of prey also find habitat here and can commonly be seen soaring majestically through the sky.  Rocks and naked, exposed geology dominate this beautiful. Much of the exposed rock consists of volcanic ash, ancient mudflows, and various debris flows.  Colorful patterns and beautiful outcrops exist throughout these lands, providing vibrant scenery.  The landscape often takes on a Martian or otherworldly feel, punctuated by blues, purples, yellows, and reds.  The natural environment of this area is both unique and stunning.

The vast distances of this region create an isolated feel.  One could wander this region for many days without encountering another human.  The cares and worries of society, civilization, and modern life all seem to pass as easily as sand in the wind.  Within this country one has time for deep thought and contemplation with no disturbances.  It is difficult to imagine a greater sense of solitude than that which one can achieve within the Agai Pah Hills Lands with Wilderness Characteristics.


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