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Thank you for wanting to make a difference, and welcome to the Take Action Center. Here are easy ways you can help protect Nevada's wilderness!


Gold Butte - Recently designated as a National Monument in December of 2016, Gold Butte's wild beauty of southern Nevada's Gold Butte, is now under threat from a recent order by President Donald Trump attempting to eliminate or shrink National Monuments from across the country. Click here to learn more about how Gold Butte is under attack and how you can help keep this special place protected.


11_11_DNWR_CowCamp_shoot_kuz_6988_89_90_91_92.jpgDesert National Wildlife Refuge - The Desert National Wildlife Refuge, just outside the city lights of Las Vegas and home to one of Nevada’s largest desert bighorn sheep populations and over 1.2 million acres of proposed wilderness, is under assault by the military. Find out how you can take action to help defend the Desert National Wildlife Refuge!


 mtn_bike.jpgWilderness Act - In a recent push to undermine one of our most bedrock conservation laws - the Wilderness Act of 1964 - some congressional representatives are seeking to open wilderness areas up to mountain bikes, an activity specifically prohibited by the Wilderness Act. Urge your elected officials to reject any bill that dismantles the integrity of the Wilderness Act.




Public Lands - America’s 640 million acres of federal public lands are the backbone of our rich outdoor heritage. However, some extremist politicians would like to sell off YOUR public lands to the highest bidder and close off access forever. Please join us in the continued fight to keep public lands in public hands. Continue reading for more information on recent public land victories in the Nevada State Legislature and in Congress to #KeepItPublic.




Wild Washoe - Act now to help gain permanent protection for the last remaining pockets of wild country in Washoe County while providing extensive economic development opportunities. Currently, we are working with the Nevada congressional delegation, local stakeholders, and Washoe County Commissioners to develop a public lands bill that includes conservation, recreation, and economic development. Click here to learn more about the campaign and to take action to protect wilderness in Washoe County!




Pershing_Thumbnail_Take_Action.jpg Pershing CountyProtect seven of Pershing County's most critical landscapes like the Tobin Crest and the Augusta Mountains. This bill will ensure the permanent protection of 162,000 acres of wilderness, while also providing the tools to help resolve the checkerboard land issue. Click here to learn more about our campaign and take action to protect wilderness in Pershing County!





gb_sobitterridge87tm_bbeffort.jpgLands with Wilderness Characteristics - Speak up to protect Nevada's last wild tracts of land. Click here to learn the various ways you can get help protect our lands with wilderness characteristics.


Burbank Canyons - Burbank_Canyons_1.jpgThe Douglas County Commission voted unanimously to protect Burbank Canyons as wilderness, and it's no wonder why. Learn more about Burbank Canyons and how you can help!



Other Opportunities

You can also make a difference by joining other great folks on wilderness stewardship trips where you learn to heal the land (and have a good time!).


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