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HighlandRange_PetersonK_1029_sm.jpgWilderness Area Status:

Nation Monument Protection

Year Protected: March 21, 2023

Act or Law: Avi Kwa Ame National Monument

Acres: 34,607

State Region: Southern Nevada

County: Clark


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management Local District: Las Vegas Field Office Contact Info: (702) 515-5000 4701 N Torrey Pines Drive  Las Vegas, NV89130 Visit the website (will open a new window)

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Area Description:

The north end of Highland Range is comprised of very rugged peaks towering more than 1500 feet above the surrounding canyons and foothills.  The southern portion is characterized by more rolling topography featuring topographical relief ranging up to more than 500 feet in elevation gain. Mohave vegetation can be found throughout the area.  Dense Joshua tree forests characterize the southwestern portion of the unit.  Joshua trees, the largest of the yucca family, relies exclusively on the female Pronuba moth for pollination. The Pronuba Moth, likewise, requires the seed of the Joshua tree for its larva to eat. 

Three natural springs and several guzzler water developments provide precious water for the wildlife found throughout the area. The Highland Range Crucial Bighorn Habitat, in the northern portion of the area, was established to protect desert bighorn sheep.  The desert tortoise find crucial habitat within this area as well.  The majority of the unit is characterized by rugged and convoluted landscape offering multiple outstanding opportunities for wilderness users to lose themselves in solitude. Hiking, hunting, sightseeing, rock hounding, nature studies, geological sightseeing, orienteering, archaeological sightseeing, outstanding landscape and nature photography, rock scrambling, rock climbing, peak bagging, night sky viewing, burro packing, horseback riding, archeological study, backpacking, journaling, sketching, and painting opportunities abound in this area.  The degree of challenge and risk of these recreational activities vary with the season of use.


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