Mount Limbo Wilderness Study Area

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Wilderness Study Area
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Proposed - Take Action NOW to protect Mt. Limbo

Act or Law:
Acres: 23752
State Region: Northwest Nevada
County Regions: Pershing   


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management
Local District: Winnemucca Field Office
Contact Info: (775) 623-1500
5100 East Winnemucca Boulevard  Winnemucca , NV89445
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Area Description

The Mount Limbo Wilderness Study Area straddles the southern tip of the Selenite Mountains. Elevations range from 3,880 to 8,237 feet. Landforms present here reflect the underlying geology: granitic rocks on the north, basaltic flows on the south, and alluvial fans adjacent to the other two areas.

The granitic portion is a single ridgeline composed of steep, angular landforms with a saw-tooth appearance and three major peaks: Kumiva Peak, Mount Limbo and Purgatory Peak. This section has shallow drainage systems and includes granite outcrops and boulder slopes. Two aspen groves and four meadows lie along the drainages in the Kumiva Peak area.

The basaltic section is distinctly more rounded and darker than the granitic ridgeline to the north and is dominated by a west-facing escarpment. This area is nearly flat in the east with slopes exceeding 100% in the west. It is slighly eroded with shallow drainage systems on the west side. The fringing desert piedmont is flat to gently sloping with shallow drainages separated by low ridges.

Hiking, camping, hunting and horse-packing as well as rock climbing and scrambling are good here. Attractions that draw people are the granitic ridge crests, desert vistas and rock outcrops. This area is on the route of the proposed National Desert Scenic Trail.


Take Action: The proposed Mt. Limbo Wilderness is part of the seven proposed wilderness areas outlined in the Pershing County Economic Development and Conservation Act. Sign the petition to gain permanent protection for Mt. Limbo! Read more about the campaign here.