Current Protection

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Management Agency

Bureau of Land Management

Year Protected


Total Area

13,875 Acres  

The North Sahwave Mountains, like most Nevada mountain ranges, are a north-south trending range marked by a steep central ridge. With more that 3,500 feet of elevation, culminating in 7,470 ft Juniper Mountain, the North Sahwave Mountains feature fantastic rock formations atop the peaks and ridges. Between these formations, open groves of junipers and native grasses create private, park-like retreats in the white decomposed granitic soils. Many of the “parks” have small ephemeral pools that temporarily capture precious water nestled in the tops of some formations. Several springs are scattered throughout the range. Each spring creates a tiny oasis of water loving vegetation and provides a crucial resource for the California bighorn sheep that frequent this range. From the highest points of the Sahwaves, there are spectacular views of several Wilderness Study Areas, the Black Rock National Conservation Area, and down onto the white spectacle of Bluewing Flat, a large dry lakebed to the east. The groves of juniper provide cover not only to the wildlife of the region, but also to the hiker looking to get out of the midday sun or late afternoon zephyr.




The North Sahwave is part of the traditional homelands and lifeways of the Nuumu (Northern Paiute) people.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness (FNW) has been working with the conservation community and Pershing County  for conservation protections of North Sahwave Mountain since the early 2000s. FNW's commitment to stewardship for Template includes natural, wilderness character, and dark sky monitoring along with various mapping projects in the region.


Agency Information

Managing Agency:  Bureau of Land Management
Local District: 
Winnemucca Field Office
Address: 5100 East Winnemucca Boulevard Winnemucca ,NV 89445
Phone: (775) 623-1500