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Selenites by Kurt Kuznicki

Current Status: Proposed as the Selenite Peak Wilderness in the Pershing County Economic Development and Conservation Act. (Currently a Wilderness Study Area)

Year Protected as a Wilderness Study Area: 1980
Acres: 32,041
State Region: Northwest Nevada
County Region: Pershing   

Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management
Local District: Winnemucca Field Office
Contact Info: (775) 623-1500
5100 East Winnemucca Boulevard Winnemucca, NV 89445

Area Description: The Selenite Mountains WSA is located in the northern portion of the Selenite Range in the far western extent of Pershing County. This area is bound by Highway 447 on the west, Jungo Road on the north, and by ranching routes on the east and south. To the north of the area lies the sprawling Black Rock Desert. The west side is determined by remnant mining exploration efforts of U.S. Gypsum near Empire, Nevada. The small town of Gerlach, Nevada is a short distance to the north. The Selenite Mountains WSA rise from 4,200 feet on the north end near the Black Rock Desert up to 7,100 feet on Selenite Peak itself.

Wildlife: Pronghorn are abundant in the area and occupy all but the highest extent of the Selenite Mountains WSA. Although the area has limited use by mule deer the ridge provides adequate bighorn sheep habitat and nesting habitat for Golden Eagles and other birds of prey. The area has also been identified as general habitat for Greater Sage-Grouse. The Nevada Department of Wildlife has installed guzzlers in the range to supplement Greater Sage-Grouse and Chukar. The Selenite Range is within the general species range of coyotes and mountain lions as well.

Recreation and Solitude: The Selenite Mountains proximity to Gerlach, Nevada makes this area a great recreational retreat for locals. Jungo Road is an often used link between Gerlach and Winnemucca, and motorized incursion is visible along the wilderness study area boundary. This area has been excluded from the wilderness proposal to preserve recreation interest and preserve the naturalness of the wilderness proposal. There is limitless opportunity for hiking and great views of sprawling desert playas and tall granite peaks all around. This area is on the route of the proposed National Desert Scenic Trail. Hunting is a popular recreational activity in the area; primarily for upland game birds and pronghorn.

The Selenite Peak Wilderness proposal area also represents outstanding opportunity for exploration by rock-hounds and fossil hunters. 

The proposed Selenite Peak Wilderness is part of the seven proposed wilderness areas outlined in the Pershing County Economic Development and Conservation Act.