Million Hills Wilderness Study Area

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Wilderness Area Status

Wilderness Study Area
Year Designated: 2016

Act or Law: Gold Butte National Monument Proclamation
Acres: 21296
State Region: Southern Nevada
County Regions: Clark   


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management
Local District: Las Vegas Field Office
Contact Info: (702) 515-5000
4701 N Torrey Pines Drive  Las Vegas, NV89130
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Area Description

The Million Hills Wilderness Study Area is part of the spectacular Gold Butte Region. Gold Butte was declared a National Monument on December 28, 2016 and the Million Hills WSA is within the monument. It is still a Wilderness Study Area and Congressional action is required to either designate it as Wilderness or release it from the WSA status.

Wide sand washes cut through the hills and alluvial slopes. The southern part is a tilted ridge made up of colorful folds. The ridge gives way to steep, rugged drainages and canyons with abundant rock outcrops along Azure Ridge and Million Hills. This area offers fantastic scenic vistas and secluded getaways. Wild burros can be found wandering here and much of the area has been identified as desert tortoise habitat.

Fantastic scenic vistas, secluded spots and geologic features entice hikers and photographers. Rock outcrops along Azure Ridge and Million Hills provide solitude.


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