Santa Rosa - Paradise Peak Additions Proposed Wilderness

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Wilderness Area Statusphoto_santarosa_addition1_pdronkers_400.jpg

Citizen Proposed Area
Year Designated:

Act or Law:
Acres: 31908
State Region: Northwest Nevada
County Regions: Humboldt   


Managing Agency: Forest Service
Local District: Santa Rosa Ranger District
Contact Info: (775) 623-5025
1200 Winnemucca Blvd  Winnemucca, NV89445
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Area Description

If designated, the additions proposed for the Santa Rosa - Paradise Peak Wilderness would provide contiguous protected wildlife habitat for the Santa Rosa California bighorn and other important species.photo_santarosa_addition_nherterich_400.jpg

Santa Rosa - Paradise Peak Additions are comprised of several separate areas contiguous with the existing wilderness. The additions would increase the protected area by 31,908 acres. The proposed additions include:
Santa Rosa (01-13)  —  14,159 acres
Santa Rosa - North (01-13B)  —  10,182 acres
Santa Rosa - Coleman (01-13C)  —  7,567 acres