Burro Mountain

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BurroMt13_01_BoyerW.JPGWilderness Area Status

Lands with Wilderness Characteristic/Proposed Wilderness

Year Designated:
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Acres: 6,344

State Region: Northwest Nevada

County: Washoe


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management Local District: Eagle Lake Field Office Contact Info: (530) 257-0456 2950 Riverside Drive  Susanville, CA96130 Visit the website (will open a new window)

Breaking News- January 16, 2024

On January 16, 2024, Senator Rosen introduced the Truckee Meadows Public Lands Management Act. A portion of this act includes permanent conservation protection for 271,987 acres of the Dry Valley Rim, Twin Peaks, Buffalo Hills, and Poodle Mountain Wilderness Study Areas re-branded as the Smoke Creek National Conservation Area (NCA). Included within the proposed NCA are the Burro Wilderness (6,343 acres) and Wrangler Canyon Wilderness (49,540 acres).


Area Description

Sagebrush, rabbit brush, and other small shrubs and grasses stretch up its flanks to a lone summit which provides magnificent views. The mountain stands alone with volcanic cliffs steepening its sides, small caves and overhangs providing shade and safety for nesting birds.  Numerous raptors and other large birds of prey were also seen circling the mountain, thermaling upward and diving in a majestic display.  In addition, there are numerous canyons which act as drainages for water running off the mountain.  Though they vary in depth and vegetation, each is a unique ecosystem.  Several had very steep sides, and interesting rock formations beckoned one inside.  All of this is surrounded by beautiful rolling sage hills which harken back to a time before human impact scarred the land.

Burro Mountain is part of a larger complex of wild areas including, the Buffalo Hills, Poodle Mountain, Skedaddle, Twin Peaks, and Dry Valley Rim Wilderness Study Areas and the Tule Peak, Petersen Mountain, and the Granite Range Lands with wilderness Characteristics.  Together these wild areas ensure the connectivity from Hart Mountain through the Sheldon, Wall Canyon, and Black Rock regions through to the Sierra Nevada to create a pathway for genetic diversity for both wildlife and vegetation. 

The area provides an outstanding environment for hiking, backpacking, and just general exploring.  Birds and other game are available to hunt, and the area has many shady nooks and roosts for bird watching.  In addition, the steep cliffs and rocks providing shelter are a nice location to climb and scramble, and Burro Mountain would provide some challenge for the mountain climber or peak bagger.  Unique gravel beds and lava cliffs are of geological interest.  Beautiful obsidian can also be found throughout the area providing material for rock hounds.  Opportunities for recreation abound on all sides of this starkly scenic region.

Wildlife: Sage-grouse, pronghorn, raptors, songbirds, mule deer.