North Pancake III

Inventoried Land with Wilderness Character (LWC) in the Battle Mountain BLM District27232040543_15bca97d41_z.jpg

Current LWC Status: 

Acres: 19,480

State Region: West Central

County: Nye

Managing Agency

Bureau of Land Management

Battle Mountain District Office

50 Bastian Rd. Battle Mountain, NV 89820

(775) 635-4000

Battle Mountain District BLM Website

Area Description:

North Pancake III offers a diversity of natural landscapes, from the high volcanicridges in the northern part of the unit to the broad alluvial plain comprising the eastern portion of the unit. Elevations vary from 5000 feet on the east to nearly 8000 feet along the highest ridge. This unit is characterized by the cold desert sagebrush plant community with isolated occurrences of mountain mahogany and dispersed pinion trees at the highest elevations.

Nearly every inch of this unit is accessible to the visitor with the determination and skills to traverse trackless wilderness. Every section of this unit provides opportunities for exploration. The unit is rich with volcanic geologic formations. Colorful, older rhyolitic formations in the northern part of the unit and small outcrops of red rock on the eastern alluvial combine with several isolated patches of ash and lava from the more recent volcanic activity in the adjacent Lunar Crater testify to the fiery nature of this unit. Careful examination of the unit will reveal remnants of the sedimentary rocks that comprised this region long before the volcanic epoch. These resources provide outstanding opportunities for geologic sightseeing. The mining history of the unit provides opportunities for rockhounds seeking interesting mineral specimens and unique rock samples.

Opportunities for day hikes abound and, for explorers willing to carry their own water or choose a season when snow is still on the ground, offer outstanding options for an overnight hike in this extremely remote region of Nevada. Photographers and artist will find outstanding opportunities for inspiration and subjects in the constantly shifting shadows, shapes, and compositions created by the numerous rock formations. Winter hiking and snowshoeing provide the unit with a white mantle that presents an entirely different landscape from the hotter, dryer summer months. Wildlife in the unit includes pronghorn, mule deer, coyotes, jackrabbits, cottontails, lizards, and rodents providing visitors with the opportunity to spot, discover,and track these elusive creatures. Ravens, eagles, hawks, and numerous seasonal song birds provide opportunities for bird watching activities.

Most of the unit is accessible for equestrian use. Burro packing provides a visitor with a remarkable opportunities to explore a truly wild area and to make a living-history connection with the challenges faced by early Nevada explorers and prospectors. Rock scrambling opportunities can be found within this unit. Thisunit is within one of the darkest regions of the United States. The opportunity for star gazing, and night sky photography are truly outstanding.

A species of single leaf mountain mahogany, Cercocarpus intricatus, is found within found in the unit and is a unique species for this area. Two Nevada threatened and endangered species, Corypantha vivipara var. rosea and Sphaeralcea caespitosa have been describe within this unit.

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