Battle Mountain District Lands with Wilderness Characteristics


     Bureau of Land Management lands are important to westerners and all Americans. These native sagebrush habitats, soaring peaks, and Joshua tree fields support both our economic well being and our western way of life. They are the “lonely lands” where our families hunt, camp, and seek the West’s open spaces. Healthy public lands also keep our water and air clean and support rare and valued wildlife. But change is coming, as energy development and a growing population’s hunger for natural resources puts more and more pressure on these lands. There is room for development on BLM lands but development needs to be balanced with being good stewards of our natural heritage. The future is being set today. These lands belong to all of us and your voice counts. Speak up today to tell the Bureau of Land Management, Battle Mountain District to identify and protect our most wild BLM lands found throughout central Nevada and keep them the way they are! 

    The Battle Mountain District Office (BMDO) manages approximately 10.5 million acres of public land within Lander, Eureka, Esmeralda and Nye Counties. Opportunities for primitive recreation abound from fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding and camping. The upcoming Battle Mountain District Office's Resource Management Plan will guide how these lands will be managed for the next couple decades. 


How can I help?

You can take action today by signing our petition here. Once the comment period opens, we will send these in. However, a personalized letter will hold much more weight and the BLM takes these letters much more into account than a petition. Learn about writing in a letter below. We suggest you do both.

How Do I Participate in the Comment Period?

Once the comment period is open for the RMP in this district, you can send a letter to 50 Bastian Rd. Battle Mountain, NV 89820 urging them to protect the identified areas listed below as lands with wilderness character.

What should I write? In your letter write that you wish to have these areas become recognized as Lands with Wilderness Character. Also consider writing about what these areas mean to you. Have you been to one of these areas before? Do you plan to in the future? Would you consider hunting here? Do you believe these areas have opportunities for recreation or solitude? Could you see yourself recreating in these areas?

Who should write? Anyone, regardless of citizenship or residency, can enjoy these lands and influence the BLM in their decision.

When should I write? We will update this page as soon as possible when the comment period opens for this district. Make sure you are signed up to be on our e-mail list to be notified!

Why should I write? There are very few opportunities when we can protect wildlands. This is one of those rare occurrences. Protecting this land is not just for us but for future generations who might live in a world without nearly the amount of wildlands that we are able to enjoy today.

Learn more about each individual Land with Wilderness Character below:

Citizen Proposed 

Citizen Proposed 

Citizen Proposed 

 BLM Rejected  & Reproposed

Accepted by the BLM

Black Rock/Wall Adjacent 

Gandolfo Canyon

Sarcobatus N, S & E

Confusion Hills

Castle Rock 1 & 2 

Cedar Mountain

Mount Moses

Sheep Mountain

Goblin Knobs

Emigrant Peak

Cedars North

North Antelope I, II, III, IV

Silver Peak Contiguous

Magruder Mountain

Heart Hills 

Cedars South

North Pancake II

South Pancakes

Stone Cabin Hills

Lone Mountain 

Cirac Valley

North Pancake III

Sugar Peak

Volcanic Hills

Monte Cristo North & South

Devil's Gate

Pactolus Hills

Sulphur Springs



Death Valley Additions


Uncle Sam



Eagle Butte 


Wall Contiguous



Eagle Butte West 

Red Rock

White Wolf



Elephant Head 

Rhyolite Ridge 

Willow Creek Springs



Below is a playlist of videos highlighting a number of Lands with Wilderness Characteristics:


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