Park Range Summary

Current Protection

Wilderness Study Area

Management Agency

Bureau of Land Management

Year Protected


Total Area

47,268 Acres 

The 1979 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Initial Wilderness Inventory identified 50,600 acres for intensive Wilderness study. By the time of the 1980 BLM proposed wilderness findings, the recommended acreage had been reduce to 42,300 acres for the Park Range Wilderness Study Area (WSA). The intensive inventory process reevaluated the acreage that had been dropped and a total of 47,268 acres were recommended for wilderness in the 1987 Wilderness Environmental Impact Statement. The Park Range WSA is characterized by high meadows surrounded and protected by volcanic walls and spires. The inaccessibility of these "parks" make them unique in Nevada,  as many have not been grazed by livestock. These virtually-untouched parks are characterized by spring-fed meadows scattered across high altitude core of the range and are surrounded scenic volcanic formations. These meadows offer the naturalist a living laboratory in diverse ecosystems and natural habitats. The Park Range lies within one of the darkest Night Sky regions in West, making it a Wilderness for outstanding Star Gazing.   


Agency Information

Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management

Local District: Ely Field Office

Address: 702 North Industrial Way HC33 Box 33500 Ely, NV89301

Phone: (775) 289-1800


The Park Range is the traditional home of the Newe (Western Shoshone) people. Countless archeological sites and evidence testify to continued importance of the Park Range for the 1,000 generation continuity of Native American habitation of the West.

Few places in Nevada are more remote and less visited than the Park Range. It supports a dense forest of pinyon pine, juniper and mountain mahogany. Remote meadows perch high in the mountains, providing secluded camp spots. Canyons that drain the range are open enough to permit easy hiking while providing solitude, even in heavy use.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness partnered with the Ely District BLM Office to restore several trespassed routes into the Park Range WSA and place new boundary markers in 2013. The Friends of Nevada Wilderness continuing commitment to stewardship in the Park Range includes Wilderness character monitoring, mapping, resource and dark sky monitoring.