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The Park Range: Remote Nevada Wilderness at its Best

Vehicle Access

Eureka provides the closest services to the north, however the trip is 75 miles, most of it over dirt and graded roads. There are other more "direct" dirt roads that are only 50 miles to Eureka, but they are very rough, slow, and have sandy sections that can trap 2 and 4 wheel drive vehicles. To the south, Tonopah has the nearest services at a distance of 100 miles by dirt roads and US Highway 6. In either direction, services are over 2 hours away, weather depending.  See the Nevada Explorer Resources Tab on the left of this page for tips on travel safety in Nevada.


There are no developed campgrounds in the vicinity of the Park Range.  Vehicles can Disperse Camp along the designated routes surrounding the Park Range.  The best way to see and experience the Park Range is by overnight backpacking or pack animal camping within the Wilderness. See the Nevada Explorer Resources Tab on the left to learn about Dispersed Vehicle and Wilderness Camping.



Getting There

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