Arc Dome Additions Proposed Wilderness

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Citizen Proposed Area
Year Designated:

Act or Law:
Acres: 96135
State Region: West Central Nevada
County Regions: Nye   


Managing Agency: Forest Service
Local District: Austin-Tonopah Ranger District
Contact Info: (775) 964-2671
PO Box 130  Austin, NV89310
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Area Description

Arc Dome Wilderness together with the contiguous wilderness-quality roadless areas make up a truly spectacular wildland complex. Unlike many of Nevada’s elongated mountain ranges, this area is truly hidden. In much of this area, the traveler is out of sight of highways, dirt roads, or even other mountain ranges. This makes for an experience distinct from the more typical mountain-range and valley-bottom viewsheds found in the state.

Arc Dome Additions are comprised of several separate areas contiguous with existing wilderness. If the additions are designated, the resulting complex would exceed 205,000 acres in the southern Toiyabe Range. The proposed additions include:
Ophir (09-06)  —  4,388 acres
Secret Basin (10-12)  —  61,040 acres
Secret Basin East (10-12A)  — 12,721 acres
North Jet (10-09)  —  2,275 acres
South Jet (10-10)  —  5,929 acres
Blank Mountain (10-05)  —  3,970 acres
Mahogany (10-01)  —  5,812 acres

Because these proposed additions are contiguous with and would be incorporated into existing wilderness, any of the individual areas can be smaller than the usual 5,000 acre minimum for independent wilderness areas.