Boundary Peak Wilderness

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Wilderness Area Statusphoto_boundary_drycreek_beffort_400.jpg

Designated Wilderness Area
Year Designated: 1989

Act or Law: Nevada Wilderness Protection Act of 1989
Acres: 10000
State Region: West Central Nevada
County Regions: Esmeralda   


Managing Agency: Forest Service
Local District: Bridgeport Ranger District
Contact Info: (760) 932-7070photo_boundary_fallpeak1_kkuznicki_400.jpg
HCR 1 Box 1000  Bridgeport, CA93517
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Area Description

At the north end of the White Mountains, Boundary Peak rises to 13,145 feet. This is the highest point in Nevada. South, across the California state line, an immense granite crest sweeps the vista - the dry, cold wilderness of the nation's highest desert mountains, home to bighorn sheep and bristlecone pine.

The Nevada portion of Boundary Peak Wilderness covers an area of about 10,000 acres, most of which lies above timberline. From the high summits, alternate vistas of valleys and Great Basin ranges recede toward the east. Looking west, you feel as if you could reach out and touch the Sierra Crest. Winter brings dense snow to the northern part of the White Mountains, and these lingering snows prolong spring through August on the fragile expanses of alpine tundra on Pelasier Flats below the peaks. This high, exposed country can be inhospitable: in the summer, surface water is generally absent and gale-force winds and frequent lightning may create dangerous situations.

Wildlife: Blue Grouse, Wolverine (possibly locally extirpated), Western Pipistrelle, Mountain Bluebird, Western Spotted Skunk, Coyote, Desert Horned Lizard, Cassin