Weepah Spring Wilderness

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Wilderness Area Statusphoto_weepah1_beffort_400.jpg

Designated Wilderness Area
Year Designated: 2004

Act or Law: Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation and Development Act of 2004
Acres: 51480
State Region: Eastern Nevada
County Regions: Lincoln   


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management
Local District: Ely Field Office
Contact Info: (775) 289-1800
702 North Industrial Way HC 33 Box 33500 Ely, NV89301photo_weepah2_hbooth_400.jpg
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Area Description

The Weepah Spring Wilderness is an unspoiled example of mountain ranges representative of the Great Basin. It lacks a single defined ridgeline. The complex geology of the area forms a confused landscape: isolated peaks, maze-like canyons, walls of fossil bearing rocks, natural arches and odd volcanic hoodoos. Add to this the oddity of the largest stand of ponderosa pine in eastern Nevada compounded with 4,000 year old rock art.

A rugged land, the Seaman Range and Timber Mountain consist of individual peaks and a myriad of canyons, creating a maze-like terrain. Hiking, camping, hunting and horseback riding are good in this area of forest and eroded volcanic cliffs.

Although most stands of ponderosa in eastern Nevada are relict, this one is unique in that active regeneration is obvious, where young saplings grow next to trees over 3 feet in diamater. As perhaps the largest stand of ponderosa pine in eastern Nevada, the area serves as an important source of genetic diversity.

The White River Narrows Archaeoloical District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, represents one of the largest and most well-known petroglyph concentrations in the state. Other prehistoric sites include shelter caves, hunting blinds and camp sites.

This wilderness is a component of the Bureau of Land Management's National Conservation Lands.

Wildlife: Joshua Tree, Phainopepla, Verdin