Becky Peak Wilderness

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Wilderness Area Statusphoto_becky1_beffort_400.jpg

Designated Wilderness Area
Year Designated: 2006

Act or Law: White Pine County Conservation, Recreation and Development Act of 2006
Acres: 18119
State Region: Eastern Nevada
County Regions: White Pine   


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management
Local District: Ely Field Office
Contact Info: (775) 289-1800
702 North Industrial Way HC 33 Box 33500 Ely, NV89301photo_becky_deepcreeks_wallin_400.jpg
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Area Description

Becky Peak lies just across Steptoe Valley from Goshute Canyon. It is another of White Pine Countys 10,000 foot giants that can be seen from a hundred miles away. North-facing slopes hold snow well, offering the exploratory skier a chance for first descents, while summertime activities run the gamut from basic hikes to guided hunt trips. With easy access from highway 93, Becky Beck is an ideal place to stretch the legs after too many hours behind the wheel.

This wilderness is a component of the Bureau of Land Management's National Conservation Lands.