Sunrise Mountain Instant Study Area

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Wilderness Study Area
Year Designated: March 30, 2009 Released as WSA

Act or Law: Public Law 111-11 section 2608
Acres: 9,952
State Region: Southern Nevada
County Regions: Clark   


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management
Local District: Las Vegas Field Office
Contact Info: (702) 515-5000
4701 N Torrey Pines Drive  Las Vegas, NV89130
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Area Description

Sunrise Mountain Instant Study Area was a beautiful backdrop to the north Las Vegas viewshed. However over the years it was bisected by power lines and frequently used a dumping area. Sunrise Mountain was made an instant wilderness study area in 1980 because it was previously designed as the Sunrise Mountain Natural Area. The BLM found that it did not have wilderness character. On March 30, 2009, the Sunrise Mountain Instant Study Area was released by Congress. It is no longer considered an instant study area and Congressional protection has been removed. In the future, it will be managed by the BLM consistent with the Resource Management Plan.