Lands With Wilderness Character

Below is a list of Lands With Wilderness Characteristics. These are wild areas on Nevada's public lands that have been identified as having wilderness characteristics--are at least 5,000 acres, offer opportunities for outstanding solitude, primitive recreation, and appear natural.  Other features are important as well, such as wildlife habitat, archeological values, native plants, water, etc.  The information on these pages is only preliminary, however. Boundaries have not been finalized, and work still needs to be done to assess how well these areas work with the needs of locals and other stakeholders.


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Agai Pai Hills

Alta Toquima Additions Roadless Areas

Angel Peak North Roadless Area

Arc Dome Additions Roadless Areas

Bald Mountain Roadless Area

Billy Goat Peak Proposed Wilderness

Bitter Ridge North Proposed Wilderness

Bitter Ridge South Proposed Wilderness

Black Ridge Proposed Wilderness

Black Rock/Wall Adjacent

Bluewing Mountains

Buffington Pockets

Bunker Hill Roadless Area

Burro Mountain

Buttermilk Roadless Area

Castle Rock

Cedar Mountain

Cedars North

Cedars South

Cirac Valley

Confusion Hills

Chinese Camp Roadless Area

Chukar Ridge

Clayton Ridge

Copper Mountain Roadless Area

Death Valley Additions

Desert Hills-Pahranagat Proposed Wilderness

Devil's Gate

Eagle Butte

Eagle Butte West

East Humboldt Additions Roadless Area

East Sister Roadless Area

Elk Mountain Roadless Area

Elephant Head

Emigrant Peak

Excelsior Range Roadless Area

Faulkner Roadless Area


Finger Rock

Fossil Elbow

Four Mile Roadless Area

Gandolfo Canyon

Gass Peak

George's Canyon Roadless Area

Goblin Knobs

Granite Peak

Heart Hills

Highland Range

Horse Heaven Roadless Area

Huntoon Springs Roadless Area

Indian Hills Roadless Area

Iron Spring Roadless Area

Jarbidge Additions Roadless Area

Jobs Peak Roadless Area

Job South

Lone Mountain

Long Valley Roadless Area

Lovell Summit South Proposed Wilderness

Lyon Peak

Magruder Mountain

Masket Peak Roadless Area

McAfee Roadless Area

Monte Cristo North and South

Mount Ardivey Roadless Area

Mount Etna Roadless Area

Mount Moses

Mount Rose Additions Roadless Areas

Mountain Lion Springs

North Antelope I, II, III, IV

North Pancake II

North Pancake III

North Shoshone Peak Roadless Area

Northumberland Roadless Area

Pactolus Hills

Paradise Peak Roadless Area

Pearl Peak Roadless Area

Pearl Peak South Roadless Area

Pennsylvania Hill Roadless Area

Petersen Mountain


Pintwater Range


Red Rock

Rhyolite Ridge

Rock Canyon Roadless Area

Rocky Point

Ruby Mountains Additions Roadless Area


Santa Rosa - Paradise Peak Additions Roadless Area

Sarcobatus North, South, and East

Sheep Mountain

Sheep Range

Silver Peak Contiguous

South Brock Roadless Area

South Fork Quinn Roadless Area

South Pancake

South Shoshone Peak Roadless Area

Spanish Peak Roadless Area

Spanish Peak South Roadless Area

Spotted Range

St Thomas Gap

Stillwater Additions

Stone Cabin Hills

Sugar Peak

Sulphur Springs

Table Mountain Additions Roadless Area

Temple Mesa Proposed Wilderness


Tobin Crest

Toiyabe Crest Roadless Area

Tramp Ridge Proposed Wilderness

Tule Peak

Uncle Sam

Virgin Mountain Additions

Volcanic Hills

Wall Canyon Additions

Wall Contiguous

Warm Springs

Wellington Hills Roadless Area

White Rock Mountain Roadless Area

White Wolf

Wildcat Peak Roadless Area

Willow Creek Springs