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Wilderness Area Status

BLM-inventoried Land with Wilderness Character in the Carson City District Resource Management Plan.

Year Designated: 

Act or Law: 
Acres: about 80,755
State Region: Northwest Nevada
County Regions: Churchill


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management
Local District: Carson City Field Office
Contact Info: (775) 885-6000
5665 Morgan Hill Rd. Carson City, NV 89701
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Area Description

The three components of this area combine to create an incredible complex of diverse habitat and scenery.  The sprawling landscape of the Job South Units is dominated by alluvial deposits, washes, canyons, and tall bluffs with ancient lake lines.  The landscape is stark, grey, and barren.  Basalt rims and tablelands dominate the area.  The southern part of the unit is awash in sand, which has blown in from the adjacent Salt Wells Valley.   Overall the terrain is vast and open, dominated by natural forces including rockfalls, flashfloods, and wind erosion. Hearty saltbush is apparent throughout, clinging to the steep hillsides and adding a grey sheen to the land.  Some of the canyons also contain bitterbrush, greasewood, and other varieties of desert plants.  Colorful rocks occasionally outcrop, adding variety and interesting scenery.  Higher elevations, which merge in the Job Peak Contiguous Unit, bring gradual changes to the ecosystem:  sagebrush, rabbitbrush, pinion pines, and juniper trees blanket the hills, providing color and contrast to these rising lands.  Various animals call these environments home, especially small rodents and reptiles.  Predators, grazing animals, and many birds also live here.  Mule deer, and large birds are also commonly spotted in this area.  In addition, some springs and extensive sagebrush in the North could create excellent habitat for the rare sage grouse.

Within the canyons and colorful hills, silence is overwhelming.  One can be immersed within the wilderness feel, the cares of the civilized world forgotten.  The vast expanse and stark emptiness create a sense of solitude that is outstanding Ridges and peaks throughout this area provide stunning vistas where visitors can find commanding views of western Nevada that they can relish in complete isolation.  It would be hard to achieve a greater sense of solitude than the outstanding opportunities found in this unit. The proximity of these units to the greater highlands of the Job Peak and Stillwater WSAs create an outstanding opportunity for immersion into a vast complex of wilderness and solitude.  In these lands one gets a sense that nature is in control, and humanity is distant.  

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