Jarbidge Additions Proposed Wilderness

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Wilderness Area Status

Citizen Proposed Area
Year Designated:

Act or Law:
Acres: 10738
State Region: Northeast Nevada
County Regions: Elko   


Managing Agency: Forest Service
Local District: Jarbidge Ranger District
Contact Info: (775) 752-3357
PO Box 246  Wells, NV89835
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Area Description

If designated, the additions proposed for the Jarbidge Wilderness would provide an incresed amount of protected wildlife habitat in this important area of northeastern Nevada.

Jarbidge Additions are comprised of two areas contiguous with the existing wilderness. The additions would increase the protected area by 10,738 acres. The proposed additions include:
Jarbidge - Sun Creek (02-10)  —  6,963 acres
Jarbidge - Pete Basin (02-11)  —  3,319 acres
Jarbidge - Pete Basin NW (02-11A)  —  456 acres

Because these proposed additions would be incorporated into existing wilderness, any of the individual areas can be smaller than the usual 5,000-acre minimum for independent wilderness areas.