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Wilderness Area StatusSahwave_OllivierL_4037.JPG

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Year Designated:

Act or Law:

Acres: 13,875

State Region: Northwest Nevada

County Regions: Pershing   


Managing Agency: Bureau of Land Management Local District: Winnemucca Field Office Contact Info: (775) 623-1500 5100 East Winnemucca Boulevard  Winnemucca , NV89445 Visit the website (will open a new window)

Area Description

The Sahwaves, like most Nevada mountain ranges, are a north-south trending range marked by a steep central ridge. The north end of the range is the most pronounced, with a number of steep outcroppings and cliff areas and groves of juniper at the highest elevations. Several springs and a small band of California bighorn sheep can also be found in some of the higher points in the range, and American Kestrels, Gray Flycatchers, coyotes and bobcats live throughout the area.

From the highest points of the Sahwaves, there are spectacular views of several Wilderness Study Areas, the Black Rock National Conservation Area, and down onto the white spectacle of Bluewing Flat, a large dry lakebed. The groves of juniper provide cover not only to the wildlife of the region, but also to the hiker looking to get out of the midday sun or late afternoon zephyr.



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