Wild Areas in Nevada by Region

Wild Areas in the West Central Region

West Central Region
This region contains some of the most spectacular high alpine wilderness with Arc Dome, Table Mountain and Alta Toquima as well as the proposed Toiyabe Crest Wilderness and incredible wilderness study areas like Fandango, Morey, Antelope Range. Also found in this region are a number of great proposed wilderness in Lyon and Mineral counties like Wovoka, Excelsior Mountains, and the Gabbs Valley Range.

Wild Areas in the South Region

Southern Region
From the floor of the Mojave Desert to the top of Mt. Charleston at over 11,000 feet this region offers an incredible diversity of wilderness resources. From great climbing in the LaMadre and Rainbow Mountains to the wonderful areas along the Colorado River, this region has it all including the archaeologically rich areas in the Gold Butte National Monument. The expansive Desert National Wildlife Refuge including the Sheep Range is under threat from the military and still needs wilderness protection.

Wild Areas in the East Region

Eastern Region
Some of Nevada’s newest wilderness can be found in this remote region with the fabulous High Schells, Mt. Grafton, Big Rocks, and Mormon Mountains Wilderness Areas. Wilderness explorers can find vast stands of aspen, large herds of elk, cross country skiing, limestone caves, and extensive wildflower displays.

Wild Areas in the Northeast Region

Northeast Region
Nevada’s first wilderness, Jarbidge is located in this region as well as the popular Ruby Mountain Wilderness and the wide open spaces of the Owhyee which includes the South Fork of the Owyhee and the Owyhee Canyon Wilderness Study Areas.

Wild Areas in the Northwest Region

Northwest Region
Home of the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon wilderness complex and National Conservation Area, this is also where the Burning Man celebration occurs. The Black Rock Desert Wilderness is Nevada’s largest wilderness at over 300,000 acres. This Northwest Region also contains critical and outstanding wild lands lying just beyond the suburban areas of western Nevada. Many areas in this region still need protection such as the Tule Peak, Petersen Mountain, Rawe Peak, Poodle Mountain and Wall Canyon.

Wilderness Study Areas

Below is a list of Nevada’s Wilderness Study Areas. These are primarily areas that the BLM identified as having wilderness character and must be protected until Congress decides whether or not to designate them as wilderness. A few of Nevada's Wilderness Study Areas are recommended and managed by agencies other than the BLM. Click on an area to learn more about these special places.

Lands With Wilderness Character

Below is a list of Lands With Wilderness Characteristics. These are wild areas on Nevada's public lands that have been identified as having wilderness characteristics--are at least 5,000 acres, offer opportunities for outstanding solitude, primitive recreation, and appear natural.  Other features are important as well, such as wildlife habitat, archeological values, native plants, water, etc.  The information on these pages is only preliminary, however. Boundaries have not been finalized, and work still needs to be done to assess how well these areas work with the needs of locals and other stakeholders.