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Silent Auction

Phyllis Shafer, a celebrated Nevada artist, paints directly from the natural environment, recording the particular idiosyncrasies and beauty of the natural form. She has generously donated a limited edition block print to help raise funds for Friends of Nevada Wilderness! 

Stewards of Sheldon Video!

Check out this video made by our own Will Boyer, featuring Pat Bruce talking a bit about the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and the work that Friends of Nevada Wilderness has been valiantly undertaking in order to help preserve the lands.

Wovoka and Pine Forest Range Wilderness Bills Pass the House!

On September 15th, the House passed a collection of Northern Nevada land bills, two of which would create nearly 73,500 acres of new wilderness in the state - our beloved Wovoka and Pine Forest Range areas. 

 47,500 acres south of Yerington in Lyon County would be designated as the protected Wovoka Wilderness while 26,000 acres as wilderness in the Pine Forest Range in Humboldt County northwest of Winnemucca would be set aside.

President Declares September National Wilderness Month

The President has proclaimed September 2014 as National Wilderness Month and invited all Americans to visit and enjoy our wilderness areas, to learn about their vast history, and to aid in the protection of our precious national treasures.


Wovoka and Pine Forest Range: One Step Closer to Wilderness Protection

New wilderness for Nevada in September? It's now very possible thanks to the hard work from Congressmen Amodei and Horsford! Last week, the House Natural Resources Committee unanimously passed the Northern Nevada Land Conservation and Economic Development Act (HR. 5202). This collection of bills would designate Wovoka and Pine Forest - 71,500 acres of wilderness!  Please take a moment to thank Congressman Amodei and Horsford for championing this bill

Working Hard in Southern Nevada!

Our Southern Nevada Bonanza Trail Crew is mid-way through their season, and they are working hard to keep the Bonanza Trail clear and accessible. Keep up the great work, guys!!!





Our 2014 Bonanza Trail Crew, with Dolly Chapman.

Thank you!

Thank you for the outstanding attendance and show of support at the June 24th Washoe County Commission meeting. The Washoe County Commission passed a unanimous resolution supporting federal legislation addressing sage grouse. YOU made this possible!!!!!

ACTION ALERT: Sage Grouse Meeting for Washoe County Tues. June 24 10am

This Tuesday, June 24th, the Washoe County commissioners will be considering a resolution to support protecting sage-grouse and wilderness in Washoe County. This is a critical moment for the sage-grouse legislation and we need your help!
We need a big turn-out at this meeting to show the commissioners that people in their districts care strongly about this issue and want more wilderness areas in Washoe County. Please consider attending this critical meeting:


How would you like to spend the Summer of 2014 in wild southern Nevada?

Are you feeling adventurous? Do you prefer your "office" to be lit by sunshine? If your favorite outfit includes boots and a pack, and your favorite accessories are a GPS and hand-tools, you are in the right place! We are currently hiring for our 2014 southern Nevada Bonanza Trail Crew.


Reid, Heller Release Discussion Draft on Greater Sage-Grouse.


This is a great opportunity for Nevadans to come together to protect sage grouse habitat through a variety of means, including wilderness designation.

“The possible listing of the Greater sage-grouse as an endangered species will have major ramifications on rural life and the economies in Nevada and throughout the west,” said Senator Harry Reid. “It has been a pleasure to work with Senator Heller on this bi-partisan, Nevada-specific proposal to conserve sage-grouse habitat and provide for economic development in the state. Only through cooperation with the Nevada delegation, the State of Nevada and our Federal agencies can we protect this species and our way of life. I hope that the many stakeholders in Nevada that are impacted by this issue will read this discussion draft and provide comments and feedback to Dean and myself.”

Read the full press release here.

Read the full bill draft here.

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