Sheldon in the News

The greater Sheldon-Hart mountain area (consisting of Nevada's Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and Oregon's Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge) was recently allocated nearly $4 million for wildfire resiliency and habitat restoration by the Interior Department.


These funds will prove instrumental in protecting vast sweeps of sagebrush country - keeping intact wildlife habitat for the greater sage-grouse habitat, pronghorn antelope, and many more wildlife species. The Sheldon-Hart area is a critical migration corridor for pronghorn antelope. 

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The Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge was also covered in the press recently by the Reno Gazette Journal for an exploratory piece on the recreational opportunities which abound in this remote yet stunning corner of northwestern Nevada. The article will be part of a larger piece on the Hart-Sheldon area as three Oregon women hike the pronghorn migration route between the two wildlife refuges to promote wide scale conservation measures.

Read the article here: Reno Gazette Journal


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