Basin and Range Dark Sky Cooperative Virtual Star Party

Join online September 5th, 8:00-9:30 pm PDT for a FREE virtual star party! See live images of deep space objects from telescope operators within the Basin and Range Dark Sky Collective!

Trail Crew: Behind the Scenes

It’s easy to imagine trail work as hardcore - blazing a path with a saw in one hand and an ax in the other. While ten hours of our day do consist of brushing, sawing, axing, building tread, and miles of hiking, the remaining hours are spent at camp. But there is much more to making a successful trail crew.

Volunteer For National Public Lands Day 2020

We've got some exciting news! After halting our volunteer projects, we are announcing our first volunteer event since early Spring. In-person volunteering is back just in time for National Public Lands Day 2020 (September 26)! 

The Desert Refuge Faces Veto Threat

The Desert National Wildlife Refuge dodged a proverbial bullet in July but permanent protection is the only way to save it from the Air Force. In a sneaky move in early July, the Air Force went around the Nevada delegation to Rep Rob Bishop (UT) to get an amendment approved as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would give the military control of the western portion (840,000 acres) of the wildlife refuge.

Stewardship Isn't Cancelled!

This summer, our staff, Americorps, and trail crew have been hard at work Keeping Nevada Wild. We have limited our contact with the public, including volunteers, to ensure that we keep our programs safe and servicing Nevada's public lands. 

The "REFUGE" We All Needed

12 wild artists joined us this year for our annual Artown gallery. This year’s “REFUGE” gallery went virtual for the first time and we are so excited to have had the opportunity to share it with so many more people than ever before.

The Wilderness Society's Analysis of the Surprise Desert Amendment to the NDAA

The Wilderness Society released an analysis of the surprise amendment by a member of the Utah delegation to the National Defense Authorization Act.  Their analysis follows:

Senate Committee Says No, What's Next?

On June 11th, the Senate Armed Services Committee said no to military expansion in Nevada for both the Nellis Test and Training Range and the Fallon Naval Air Station. Both bases would have their current military withdrawal extended for 20 years - but no new expansions. What does this mean to supporters of Nevada's Wildlife Refuges? A small first win on the road to permanent protections. There can (and most likely will) be markups that will go against everything we campaigned for. But there is more you can do to sway Congress.

"Refuge" at Artown with Friends

Friends of Nevada Wilderness returns to Artown this year featuring the “Refuge” gallery. Boasting stellar nature photography, as well as paintings, pastels, prints, and found object sculpture all celebrating Nevada’s nine scenic wildlife refuges and public lands. The gallery will run from July 10th to the 17th and will be experienced fully online for the first time ever! Art in the gallery will be available for purchase on our online store and helps support local artists as well as Friends of Nevada Wilderness’ work protecting and caring for wild Nevada. Get inspired and help protect and preserve these special places and unique wildlife.

Summer Stewardship Fun

Our Summer Stewardship Season is up and running, with one major difference. No volunteers! 😢 Due to the current pandemic and recent resurgence of cases, we have chosen to halt our volunteer projects for the safety and concern of our participants and staff. We miss our volunteers! But your health and safety come first. We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our upcoming events. We are working on new procedures and look forward to opening up volunteer opportunities late summer.

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