How To Support Public Lands in the State Legislatureā›°šŸ’š

The 2021 Nevada State Legislative session is in full swing and there are numerous bills and resolutions moving that you should be aware of as Wilderness advocates. Friends of Nevada Wilderness recommends that you support the following bills by submitting comments online. Submitting your public opinion will let elected officials know how the conservation community feels about the bills they will have to vote for or against. Just follow the link to the opinion section of the legislature's website and type in the bill number and check support and add any comments you want.

SB52Ā (Dark Skies Bill)

If approved, the new state program would complement the Dark Sky designations that are granted by theInternational Dark Sky Association (IDA). Nevada is already home to two IDA Dark Sky Places; Great Basin National Park is a Dark Sky Park, and the Massacre Rim Wilderness Study Area in far northern Washoe County is an International Dark Sky Sanctuary, one of only 14 in the world.

Support Dark Skies by selecting SB52 and submitting your comment in favorĀ here.

AB211Ā (Impacts of Development On Wildlife)

Requires tentative maps for subdivision of land for development be submitted to the Department of Wildlife and requires NDOW to submit comments on potential impacts of the map on wildlife habitat that local jurisdictions must consider. Exempts jurisdictions that already have comprehensive wildlife habitat management plans (Clark).

Support Wildlife by selecting AB211 and submitting your comment in favorĀ here.

AJR3Ā (30x30 Initiative)

Urges various actions relating to the protection and conservation of land and water including protecting the Desert National Wildlife Refuge and establishing Avi Kwa Ame as a national monument.

Support 30x30 by selecting AJR3 and submitting your comment in favorĀ here.

SJR3Ā (Wild Horse Management Funding Resolution)

Urges Congress to provide funding to reduce the wild horse and burro populations to appropriate management levels. This resolution supports full funding for the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Management Program.

Support funding public lands solutions by selecting SJR3 and submitting your comment in favorĀ here.

AB378Ā (Protects Public Lands)

Will remove the sagebrush rebellion language from Nevada Revised Statutes about Nevada seizing control of our public lands.

Support public lands by selecting AB378 and submitting your comment in favorĀ here.

AB88Ā (Changing Racist School and Place Names Bill)

Requires policy in educational institutions against racist names and mascots, and a review and recommendation of changes needed to racist geographic place names.

Support removing racist names by selecting AB88 and submitting your comment in favorĀ here.

Take Action!Ā 

Legislators look at these results to gauge public support! You are also encouraged to make one-on-one contact with your own representatives by email.Ā Find outĀ who your state Senator and Assembly member are, then shoot them a quick email thanking them for supporting and preserving Nevadaā€™s public lands!Ā 

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