Carson City RMP

Petersen_6907_kuznicki.jpgPetersen Mountain

The Bureau of Land Management in the Carson City District is in the middle of their land use planning process. The Resource Management Plan they are working on will guide how our 4.8 million acres of public lands will be managed for the next couple decades. Their preferred plan proposes to continue strong protective measures for the eight Wilderness Study Areas within the district and to manage an additional eight Northern Nevada areas to protect their wilderness characteristics.  

The BLM deserves the highest recognition for proposing to protect these Lands with Wilderness Characteristics, although two outstanding areas have been omitted from the plan and should also be included:  Petersen Mountain and Monte Cristo North

What Can You Do?

  1. Best Option: Submit Your Comments by E-Mail or Mail
  2. Attend a Public Meeting and Speak One-On-One with BLM Staff
  3. Sign this Petition to Urge the BLM to Include These Areas in the RMP

Public lands are administered for the public. If you do not let your voice be heard during this comment period, then you are not participating in one of the most important democratic processes for making decisions about public lands.  

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