RMP Meetings

Meeting Dates:

Thursday, January 22, 2015       5-7p.m. - Carson Valley Inn, 1627 US Highway 395 N., Minden, NV 89423

Saturday,  January 24, 2015       2-6p.m. - Carson City Plaza Hotel, 801 S. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89701

Thursday, January 29, 2015       5-7p.m. - Yerington Elementary School, 112 North California St., Yerington, NV 894


Talking Points for the Carson City District RMP Meeting

#1 Be sure to thank the BLM for this opportunity to provide comments for how our public lands are managed. 

#2 The BLM lands in Carson City District are important to me because….

#3 Express your support for the District’s findings recognizing the 12 areas as Lands with Wilderness Characteristics. 

#4 Strongly encourage the District to manage the eight Lands with Wilderness Characteristics as outlined in the preferred Alternative E to maintain wilderness characteristics. [The 8 areas are Tule Peak, Rawe Peak, Stillwater Additions, Job South, Agai Pah Hills, Chukar Ridge, Excelsior North and Excelsior South- if you have experience or special interest in any of these areas, please include individual comments.]

#5 Encourage that two additional of the 12 areas recognized as Lands with Wilderness Characteristics, should also be included with the 8 in the preferred Alternative E to be managed to maintain wilderness characteristics. 

Petersen Mountain is a critical natural area adjacent to the Reno North Valley development that has seen a substantial investment of public dollars in protecting the natural integrity. While I strongly support the ERMA proposed in the Agency preferred alternative (Figure 2-61), I also feel this Extensive Recreation Management Area needs to be extended to the western-most Carson City District boundary immediately adjacent to Petersen Mountain to protected the Lassen-Washoe deer population migration area.  I strongly support managing the Petersen Mountain LWC, as identified in in the Alternative C (Figure 2-19) to maintain wilderness qualities and natural integrity as an integral part of the ERMA. 

The small portion of the North Monte Cristo unit in the Carson City District is an important part of the over 100,000 acres Monte Cristo Lands with Wilderness Characteristics found mostly within the Battle Mountain District.  It is crucial that Carson City District manage their portion of the unit to assure integrity of this outstanding wild area.     

#6 Encourage the Carson City District to actively monitor and manage the nine Wilderness Study Areas within the district to assure that uses (particularly motorized and mechanized use) meet the non-impairment standards as describe in BLM Manual 6330.

Thank the BLM again for managing our American Public Lands.

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