Carson City RMP

Dear RMP Planning Team,

Thank you for your efforts on the Carson City RMP Revision.  I would like for the planning team to identify the following areas as being lands with wilderness characteristics:

Petersen Mountain

Monte Cristo North

I think these beautiful and wild areas should be given strong administrative protection to assure their wilderness characteristics are not compromised by any development.  

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Cherry Vercher
Leslie Wilson
Jennifer Peart
Sally Bowden
Ursula Sindlinger
Amira Dittrich
Vickie Clay
Joanne Gura
Kathy Oceguera
Dianne Sperry
Ronald Cox
Renee Cariglia
Jim Stanger
Ronald Cox
Joe and Leah Fontaine
Pamela Deas
Cody Schroeder
Minas Mkhitarian
James Thompson
Bryan Wyberg
Steve Hylton
Clifford Thorson
Cindy de Leon
Michelle Brownell
Amy Brenner
Jason Man
Christy Fermoile
Louise Souffront
Merry Mathers
Daphne McCallum
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