You are free to hike the Wilderness, limited only by your courage and ability to carry water. Camping in the Death Valley frontcountry is only allowed in designated locations but in the Wilderness, camping is allowed just about anywhere. Visitors are required to obtain a free backcountry camping permit from any park visitor center. The two high points of the Grapevine Mountains, Grapevine Peak (8738) and Wahguyhe Peak (8628), can be reached by following a series of dirt roads just north of the Bull Frog Mine. These roads lead into Death Valley National Park and up to the wilderness boundary. The northern route continues into the Wilderness as a cherry stem route that can bring a hiker to within 3 miles of these peaks. There are no trails. Self reliance is an important attribute of wilderness recreation. Access to these peaks is strenuous and treacherous. Be prepared, carry plenty of water and have strong backcountry navigation skills before entering this area.