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Developed Campgrounds are available at National Park Service Campgrounds at Mesquite Springs, Stovepipe Wells, and with several options in the Furnace Creek area. Contact Death Valley National Park for availability.

Dispersed Backcountry Roadside camping is allowed in Death Valley National Park along dirt roads at least one mile away from any paved road or "day use only" dirt road. Camp only in previously disturbed areas and park your vehicle immediately adjacent to the roadway to minimize impact. The wilderness boundary is 50 feet from the center of most dirt roads. Backcountry campsites must be more than 100 yards from any water source to protect these fragile areas for wildlife use.

Roadside Camping is NOT allowed on the valley floor from Ashford Mill in the south to 2 miles north of Stovepipe Wells, on the Eureka Dunes or in Greenwater Canyon.

Roadside Camping is NOT allowed on the following "day use only" dirt roads:
Titus Canyon Road
Mosaic Canyon Road

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