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A vast land with plenty of room to roam for hikers, riders and campers, with scenic vistas of up to 60 miles. Water is unreliable, however, prepare accordingly.

The nearest major towns and cities are Cedarville, California (30 miles west), Susanville, California (105 miles southwest) and Reno, Nevada (150 miles south). The WSA Is bounded by the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada Highway 34, private lands, the Cottonwood Canyon Road, and the Bald Mountain Canyon Road. On the south side the WSA Is bounded by Nevada Highway SA, the Salt Grass-Evans Road, private property, the West Lake-Johnson Reservoir Road, the Little Basin Spray Road and a 750 KV powerline. All of the listed roads except the Nevada highways are infrequently maintained dirt roads. Highways 34 and SA are well maintained gravel roads.

Getting There

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