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The Call Alpine Mountains Wilderness has no established trails. The entire region is open for skilled explorers to enjoy on foot or on horseback. This rugged and vast wilderness relies on a high degree of self-reliance on the part of explorers.  Mount Augusta, at 9,966 feet in elevation provide the highest point in the range.  Healy Peak and Shaley Peak both reach nearly 9,000 feet and offer spectacular high altitude viewing opportunities. Also included are the twisting, deeply dissected Horse, Starr, Deep, Cow and Bench Creek Canyons, all of which provide excellent topographic screening and an ideal environment for a variety of recreational activities including camping, hiking and horseback riding. Horse Creek and Cherry Creek contain trout fisheries, an added bonus since fishable streams are so rare in this portion of Nevada. The rugged and contorted canyons radiating from the central ridgeline provide a challenge to visitors. Deep Canyon, in particular, is noted for its huge rock formations, spires and hoodoos. Once on top, where the terrain generally is gentler and mobility better, the visitor is rewarded with expansive views of the surrounding valleys and mountains which reinforce the feeling of solitude and isolation.