Pine Forest Petition

Dear Representatives Amodei, Heck, and Titus; and Senators Reid and Heller,

Thank you for introducing S.342 and H.R.433 to designate the Pine Forest Range Wilderness area!

Representative Amodei, thank you for your support of the community-driven process and for re-introducing this important bill in 2013 along with Representatives Heck and Titus. Thank you Senator Reid for introducing the bill on the Senate side, and thank you Senator Heller for your co-introduction and support. I feel strongly that this area is worthy of protection and along with the many things you have on your plate, I hope you and your colleagues in Congress will do everything you can to move the bill forward this session.

I am very excited to see the re-introduction of this bill to protect the Pine Forest Range and want to thank you all for your work to move this process back into the limelight in 2013.  I hope you will do everything you can to see that The Pine Forest Range Recreation Enhancement Act becomes law this session!


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