This Giving Tuesday Make An Impact & Support Our Trails!

This year Giving Tuesday donations to Friends of Nevada Wilderness will support our trails and the team that sustains them by providing funds to support them. The continued maintenance of your trails is an investment in future generations of hikers and outdoor explorations. Make your donation today!

Giving Tuesday, November 30th 2021

Support Trails and Access This Giving Tuesday!

We are happy to share that our volunteers and trail crews are back in the field!

We now have two fully vaccinated crews that hit the trails hard this summer! Our teams were ready to get out in full force after a 2020 short season. 

This Giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021, we ask for your help to sustain the momentum of our trail stewardship programs. Our goal is to continue supporting your trails, and all of the volunteers and staff that maintain them.

Not only are we committed to sustaining and restoring your trails, we are also committed to sharing these trails WITH YOU! We are proud to be able to provide a wealth of information on our website about the Wild Areas of Nevada by Region. We have a staff cartographer devoted to researching, mapping and sharing the wild areas of Nevada with the public. Our team and volunteers work hard to ensure trails are accessible and sustainable for the future, allowing YOU to enjoy your public lands for years to come.

Maintaining and sharing the knowledge of Nevada's trails is an investment in the future of public lands and in the great global community of outdoor recreators. At Friends, we are making sure future generations of Nevadans have the knowledge of and access to these trails for their safe enjoyment.

This year Giving Tuesday donations to Friends of Nevada Wilderness will directly support your trails and the teams that work to sustain them. An investment in our trails is an investment in the future conservation and enjoyment in Nevada.

Your donation can provide our trail stewards: 

A donation of $500 – support the 60th Anniversary Jarbidge Wilderness Trail Map

A donation of $250 – camping equipment

A donation of $150 – loppers

A donation of $100 – Pulaski ax

A donation of $50 – volunteer snacks for a day of field work

A donation of $25 – round nose shovel

Please, join us and invest in Nevada’s Wilderness. Donate Today!!!






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