Friends Helps Acquire Important Parcel in Ruby Mountains

Friends of Nevada Wilderness Helps Acquire a Key Parcel in Ruby Mountains Wilderness Area

Friends of Nevada Wilderness donors have stepped up to give the public better access to the Ruby Mountains Wilderness.


The donors worked with Wilderness Land Trust to facilitate the acquisition of the 413-acre Murphy Parcel. The parcel sits on Murphy Creek and has a trail running through it. The parcel adds a westward link to the Ruby Mountain Trail and completes the northern boundary of the wilderness area. The purchase also protects critical habitat for bighorn sheep, mountain goat, mule deer and other wildlife from future development.

With this purchase, the Wilderness Land Trust has now protected over 1,000 acres of Nevada wilderness in High Rock Canyon, Jarbidge and the Ruby Mountains.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness is also working to set up a revolving fund that will help the Wilderness Land Trust, Nevada Land Trust and other trusts and conservancies to purchase available private parcels within wilderness from willing sellers before developers snatch them up.

Once federal agencies reimburse WLT for the purchases, the moneys become available again to facilitate additional purchases. If you are interested in helping build like to help us build the Wildland Trust Support Fund, click here to learn more.

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