Wildland Trust Support Fund

Your donations can help buy up private lands in wilderness before the developers do. And your gift will returns again and again to do good across Wild Nevada.


Wilderness-loving donors recently helped with the acquisition
of this 400-acre parcel in the Ruby Mountains, protecting
this important habitat for wildlife and ensuring continued
public access along the trial that passes through it.

Throughout Nevada, privately-owned parcels exist within, or along the edge of, wilderness areas. Because private lands in Nevada are often associated with water, these lands are critically important for wildlife and recreation.

When these lands are put up for sale, it's important to purchase them, and place them into public ownership (of the Forest Service, BLM, or other relevant managing agency) in order to protect these lands, which are important for both wildlife and recreation, from development.

Unfortunately, federal funding for such purchases rarely moves quickly enough to acquire these parcels fast enough to suit the sellers. This is where land trusts and conservancies (like Nevada Land Trust, the Wilderness Land Trust, etc.) come in, because they can negotiate with the sellers and purchase the land on the public's behalf. These trusts then work patiently with the public agencies to facilitate the transfer of these lands to public ownership.


This well-watered private parcel in the Goshute Canyon
Wilderness was acquired by the Rocky Mountain Elk
Foundation in order to keep the habitat intact for elk,
other wildlife, hikers, hunters and equestrians.

But even these land trusts need help to have the money available to move quickly and make reasonable offers to sellers before developers do. Here's where you can help.

Donate today to the Friends of Nevada Wilderness Wildland Trust Support Fund.

  • Friends will make these funds available to the Nevada Land Trust, Wilderness Land Trust or other conservancies, so they can act quickly to purchase important wilderness inholdings and edge-holdings before they are developed.
  • The Wildland Trust Support Fund is a revolving fund. Once the receiving federal agency reimburses the trust for the purchased lands, the moneys are returned to the Wildland Trust Support Fund, where they become available again to purchase additional lands in the future. Your donation today can make a difference time and time again to protect Nevada's wild jewels from being developed.

Contact Friends' Executive Director Shaaron Netherton today to learn more about the Friends of Nevada Wilderness Wildland Trust Support Fund. (775) 324-7667.

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