Friends' Funding Priorities

Friends of Nevada Wilderness Funding Priorities


Your donation will make an impact on Nevada's wild places, wildlife, and future generations.

Thank you for your interest in Friends’ of Nevada Wilderness and our commitment to Nevada’s wild heritage.

Here are some ways you can protect Nevada’s wild landscapes and wildlife with a grant of $1,000 to $10,000:

Special Funding Opportunity
The Nightingale Family Foundation has challenged us with a matching grant of $25,000. To receive this critical funding we must raise another $25,000 from new foundations and businesses in northern Nevada. For more details on how you can make your donation to Friends go twice as far, please contact Shaaron Netherton at

1. Heal damaged wild places
Friends of Nevada Wilderness’ volunteers work on the ground to remove graffiti, trash and invasive plant infestations. They also erase illegal off-highway vehicle routes, maintain hiking trails, and do other work to improve wild places in Nevada. Our volunteers do not pay to attend our service trips; it costs a lot to conduct a restoration project. Your gift of $10,000 can:

~pull out miles of no longer needed barbed-wire fence in Nevada’s wild places, to make the range safer for the antelope, sage-grouse and hikers;
~remove invasive weeds that compete with native plants and choke out native foods for wildlife;
~maintain miles of wilderness trails — keeping them open for hiking, hunting, fishing, and horseback riding,
~erase illegal vehicle scars, in order to protect wildlife habitat, healthy plant communities and beautiful views, or
~remove thousands of pounds of trash and litter from the wildlands.

Your gift to support Friends’ volunteer projects will result in direct improvements on the ground, as well as volunteers who are more connected to Nevada’s natural heritage and to the rewards of volunteerism.

2. Inform and Empower Citizens
Friends of Nevada Wilderness works to assure that our collective wild lands are properly cared for by building an active, committed community of people from all ages, backgrounds and political parties.

Your grant to Friends of Nevada Wilderness will help us reach out to people who care about their wild heritage and wildlife—on websites and blogs, in print and digital newsletters, on Facebook, Twitter, video, as well as in person.

Your grant will help us tell powerful stories about Nevada’s wild places and our committed volunteers, and give them the knowledge and tools they need to protect Wild Nevada. Here are some of the results your gift will make possible:

  • Compelling presentations to classrooms and service clubs,
  • An informative and entertaining presence on Facebook, YouTube and other new media,
  • Improvements to Friends’ website,
  • Engaging electronic newsletters to tell our stories without wasting trees or costly postage, and
  • Inspiring brochures and newsletters to share at public events.

Help us tell the stories that will protect Nevada’s essential wild heritage.

3. Increase our capacity to serve
Friends of Nevada Wilderness maintains offices in Reno and Las Vegas. Much of our equipment is either old or outmoded, or both. We need the following infrastructure and hardware upgrades to improve our ability to serve the wildlands of Nevada effectively and efficiently.

  • modern telephone system (for 8 to 12 people) — to streamline our communications,
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles, and support for gas, insurance, tires and repairs — to enable us to get our volunteers out to the places that need attention and care.

Your donation will make Friends more powerful and efficient in our work to conserve the health of wildlands across Nevada.

Call Shaaron Netherton, Friends’ Executive Director, at (775) 324-7667, to talk with her about these exciting opportunities to protect Nevada’s wild treasures.

To make a grant from your Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund, call the Stewardship Team at (775) 333-5499 or go to

Learn more about the impacts your donations make on the ground, where it matters most.

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