Fallon Expansion

Dear Senator Heller, Senator Cortez-Masto, Congressman Amodei, Congresswoman Titus, Congressman Kihuen, and Congresswoman Rosen,

I am very concerned about the Fallon Range Training Complex proposed expansion and withdrawal of over 600,000 acres of public land in Nevada. The expansion overlaps several areas in northern Nevada identified by the Bureau of Land Management as exhibiting wilderness characteristics such as solitude and naturalness including portions of three Wilderness Study Areas - the Stillwater Range, Job Peak, and the Clan Alpine Mountains - and three Lands with Wilderness Characteristics units - Job Peak Contiguous, South Job Peak, and Stillwater Additions. Additionally, the expansion overlaps a significant portion of the Stillwater Wildlife Refuge, recognized by the National Audobon Society as a "Globally Important Area" due to the hundreds of thousands of species of birds that pass through this area during migration.

Together, these landscapes make up an ecologically rich and vast complex of wilderness for wildlife and outdoor recreation. The Fallon Range Training Complex expansion would irreparably destroy these wilderness qualities, shut off public access, and significantly harm wildlife habitat. I urge you to stay engaged on this issue and to reject any congressional amendments that you may encounter that will include the Fallon Range Training Complex expansion.

Thank you,

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