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Stewardship Begins with You:

One of the problems with public lands is that bad actors can take advantage of the open access and remoteness of these lands to the detriment of all Americans. In 2000, BLM investigated the looting of archeological artifacts and the destruction of cultural resources at a prehistoric rock shelter and a trespass of heavy equipment into a protected area to illegally remove a petrified tree estimated to be 8 feet long and 3 feet in diameter. These actions by the thieves diminished the scientific, cultural, and scenic values of the Calico Mountains Wilderness for all future generations. Stewardship of America’s public lands begins with the users. Please respect and follow the rules and regulations that protect the resources of public lands for the enjoyment and inspiration of all peoples. If you enjoy public lands, help assure others will have the same opportunities you have by reporting any criminal activity you may observe. Public lands only work with public involvement.