Meet Nevada's New Wilderness: Wovoka and the Pine Forest Range

After years of hard work, collaboration, and bipartisanship, we are thrilled to announce Nevada's Wilderness count hit the big 70 with the addition of Wovoka and the Pine Forest Range Wilderness!

On December 12, 2014, the Pine Forest Range and Wovoka became Nevada’s newest Wilderness areas with Congress passing a public lands bill as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. The beautiful 26,000-acre Pine Forest Range Wilderness is located in Humboldt County. The culturally important 49,000-acre Wovoka Wilderness is found in Lyon County near the East Walker River. We want to clarify that this Act includes a number of other lands bills from around the nation - some of which were excellent, providing solid wilderness and conservation protection; however, there were other components and provisions in these lands bills which we do not support. 

The Nevada component of the bill, which sets aside the first new Nevada wilderness since 2006, is the result of the hard work and generous support of on-the-ground activists like yourself!  

Please take a moment to thank our Congressional delegation for their leadership to protect both the Pine Forest Range and Wovoka.

Both the Pine Forest and Wovoka areas represent what can happen when local people come together across party lines to protect the land they love. Protecting these last pieces of Nevada's wild heritage will protect critical wildlife habitat and archaeological resources, and it will ensure that people today — and for generations to come — will be able to explore and appreciate the natural wonders that make this part of Nevada special.

A big thank you to all of our members who have helped move this process along - this success is because of you! 

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