Wovoka and Pine Forest Range Passes

Dear Nevada Congressional Delegation:

Thank you for your championing the Pine Forest Range Wilderness and the Lyon County/Wovoka Wilderness as well as the Tule Springs Fossil Bed National Monument.

I know several of you have worked extremely hard to get this legislation passed and I want to thank you for helping Nevada achieve this important victory and in finding a balanced approach to conservation and development in our state.

Your leadership and commitment ensures all Americans are now graced with an enduring legacy of protected public lands in our beautiful Silver State.

Who's signing

Jeffrey Schmitt
Mark Englund
Maryan Tooker
Nubia Lopez
Doug Goodall
Vincent Quintero
Thomas Ratcliffe
gary perkins
Chris Egbert
Barry Strauss
Richard Skwarek
Julie Turkseven
michael kranish
Janice Brown-Silveira
Glezzelle Tapay
Barbara Agonia
Jami Johnson
Jean Handy
Karen senger
John Koelsch
Jan Fortini
Gene Lengdorfer
David Sundstrand
Howard Booth
Scott Moore
Ed Wishart
Ellen Baker
Marija Minić
Monica Quinones
Jill Ransom
50 signatures

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