Wild Nevada Calendar 2021 Call for Photos

The Wild Nevada Calendar is seeking photo submissions for the 2021 edition! Friends of Nevada Wilderness is accepting submissions of Nevada wild landscape and wildlife photos for our annual calendar celebrating the beauty and solitude of Wild Nevada. The calendar helps share the story of our wild state and helps support our work protecting and stewarding Nevada's wild places. The Wild Nevada calendar is a great venue to advertise your photographic talents and help protect Nevada’s wild lands. Please share with other photographers who might be interested. 

The deadline for submission is June 1, 2020. 

Amateur and professional nature photographers welcome! Friends of Nevada Wilderness (a nonprofit organization) publishes the Wild Nevada calendar each year to help the public appreciate and support Nevada’s beautiful public lands so we can all enjoy them for generations to come. The Wild Nevada calendar is a great venue to advertise your photographic talents and help protect Nevada’s wild lands.

The 2021 Wild Nevada calendar will need a diversity of images:

  • Any wild-looking public lands in Nevada, especially wilderness, wilderness study areas (WSAs) and other proposed wilderness areas. This calendar celebrates designated wilderness areas, as well as areas that are proposed for wilderness designations (BLM WSAs and Forest Service roadless areas). Call us to discuss details. 
  • Seasons (spring wildflowers, fall colors, snow scenes).
  • Photos with and without people⎯ people enjoying/exploring Nevada’s wild landscapes (hiking, skiing, hunting, etc.), or landscapes without people.
  • Regional photos. We need images from across the state—north to south and east to west (especially more remote places in central, eastern and northern NV.
  • Wildlife and macro photography.
  • Strong horizontal scenic, macro or wildlife shots to fill the empty squares in each month.

Photo submission

  • Low-resolution images are fine for initial submission (on CD, over website, via email, etc). Winning photos will need to be at least 15-20 MB (if you have a great shot but aren’t sure if it works, submit it and we’ll see if it has the detail we need). Unedited RAW format preferred, but we’ll accept jpeg and tiff as well. 
  • We only use images that highlight the natural world - no buildings, vehicles, roads, wagons, mining structures, cabins, non-native species, etc. 

Please name/label your files, as we receive hundreds of images and it can get really confusing without photographer & place names. Please use the following protocol if you can when making submissions, SpecificAreaName_Photographer'sName_filenumber example: TableMountainWilderness_kkuznicki_1234.tif

Although we cannot pay for photos, we will be proud to credit, market and provide contact information for all photographers, to provide complimentary copies of the calendar, and to provide a receipt (the value of your time, miles and image donation can be tax-deductible). In addition, your vision plays an important role in conserving Nevada’s wild heritage and magic light for generations to come.

Submit your photos to [email protected]

Please email Kurt Kuznicki with questions or comments. 

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