Plan Your Trip


Developed US Forest Service campgrounds are available just north of the Proposed Toiyabe Crest Wilderness at Kingston and Big Creek (both these campgrounds were  developed and improved by the Civil conservation Corps in the 1930-40s). On the west side, San Juan Campground provides access to a series of trails that eventually intersect with the Toiyabe Crest Trail. Five miles south of the proposed Wilderness, along the boundary of Arc Dome Wilderness, Columbine Campground provides access to the southern portion of the Toiyabe Crest Trail. Dispersed vehicle camping is possible at scattered sites along any designated US Forest Service route and at several of the numerous trailheads on the western side of the area. Please check for current road conditions before venturing into any of these remote areas and practice Leave No Trace camping.


The Toiyabe Crest features one of the most extensive trail systems in Nevada, making backpacking or pack stock-supported camping the best way to explore and enjoy this area.  Plan for no water along the highest sections of the Toiyabe Crest Trail and make sure you carry a quality water filter for the canyon streams and springs, as extensive livestock use can impact the quality of the water.

Getting There

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